Which states require stamp duty on trust deeds?

Stamp duty is a tax imposed by certain states on documents or transactions that affect or record: the transfer of the ownership of assets (eg land, cars), or the creation of rights in respect of assets (eg certain leases and … Continued

Large Proprietary Companies – Redefined

A large proprietary company is under a statutory obligation to lodge its audited accounts with ASIC annually.  As from 1st July, 2019, the thresholds which determine whether a proprietary company is classed as small or large have moved upwards. In … Continued

New Labour Hire Regulations

Significant legal changes have taken place – will you be affected? We have heard a lot in recent years about the underpayment and unacceptable conditions forced on vulnerable workers by unscrupulous employers.  As from 1st November 2019, new laws are … Continued

Men’s Sheds to be deductible gift recipients

Men’s Sheds and Women’s Sheds will be able to seek endorsement as a deductible gift recipient as from 1st July, 2020. The purpose of Men’s Sheds and Women’s Sheds are to provide men and women with something useful to do … Continued

Duty Savings for Farmers

There are exemptions and concessions for the amount of duty payable on the sale or purchase of farm properties in Victoria.  Read on if you have clients who are farmers ….. Family Farm structures A Family Farm Company or a … Continued

The Vesting of Trusts

Once upon a time… In medieval England, there was no income tax, no capital gains tax, no complex tax code and regulations, and trusts could continue to operate indefinitely.  However, this enabled wealthy families to hold property in their trusts indefinitely, or … Continued

New fees for the 2016-17 financial year

ASIC and Consumer Affairs Victoria have announced their annual fee adjustments, effective 1 July 2016. The change most likely to affect you is ASIC’s fee for registering a proprietary company, which has increased from $463 to $469. You will be be … Continued

Proposed legislation to restrict the challenging of wills

New legislation has been introduced in Victoria (but not yet passed) which will severely restrict the rights of adult children and former spouses and domestic partners to challenge a will or testamentary trust. Widows, widowers, minor children and disabled children … Continued

10% Off Changes to Super Funds

From today, we are pleased to announce that we are offering a 10% discount on fees for making multiple changes to a super fund. These changes include: deed updates change of trustee adding/removing members. Standard fees for changes to super … Continued

New Senior Associate at Castle Legal

We’re delighted to welcome Paul Bravender-Coyle as Senior Associate in our Castle Legal practice. Paul has 30 years’ experience as a legal practitioner, having advised and acted for various Australian banks, professional trustee companies, trustees of bankrupt estates, receivers, liquidators … Continued