Castle Legal Price List

All of the fees listed below are for our standard product. If significant re-drafting is required, we will provide you with a written quote. To download a PDF of this Price List, click here.

Castle Legal will provide a costs agreement and disclosure statement where the cost of services exceeds $750 (including GST).

If during the course of the matter it appears that the costs will exceed our original estimate, you will be notified in writing and we will provide you with a revised estimate.

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New Structures and associated agreements

Business plans Hourly rate
By laws Hourly rate
Charitable trusts 880.00
Constitutions Hourly rate
Deeds Hourly rate
Dividend distribution policies 330.00
Joint venture agreements 1,320.00
Memorandum of understanding / heads of agreement 1,320.00
Partnership deeds – general 660.00
Partnership deeds – limited liability 1,320.00
Partnership deeds of trusts 660.00
Partnership management agreements 660.00
Partnership dissolution 330.00
Rules – for association Hourly rate
Shareholder agreements Hourly rate
Special disability trusts 660.00
Special trust deeds (non-discretionary, for minors, etc) 1,320.00
Unitholder agreements Hourly rate
Unit trusts for managed investment scheme 2,200.00

General agreements, contracts and deeds

Agency agreements 660.00
Assignment of loan or intellectual property 660.00
Assignment of charge 660.00
Buy / sell agreements – business or securities 1,110.00
Commercial lease of property (Victoria only) 880.00
Confidentiality agreements 440.00
Consultancy agreements 990.00
Deeds of forgiveness 330.00
Deeds of gift 330.00
Deeds of rescission 330.00
Deeds of release 330.00
Deeds of subordination 440.00
Deeds of undertaking 440.00
Deeds of withdrawal 440.00
Employment contracts – single 550.00
Guarantee and indemnity 440.00
Licence agreements – business or intellectual property 550.00
Powers of attorney 440.00
Service agreements 330.00
Termination agreements 440.00
Subscription agreements 550.00
Warranties 440.00

ASIC applications

Audit relief 275.00

Convertible Notes

Advice and implementation 770.00
Issue of convertible notes 330.00

Conveyancing services

Transfer of title on change of trustee            For first property1 & 3 660.00
Transfer of title on change of trustee            For each additional property1 & 3 333.00
Transfer of title when bare trust winds up     For first title1 660.00
Transfer of title when bare trust winds up     For each additional title1 143.00
Registration of real property mortgages1 & 3 220.00
Discharge of mortgage1 & 2 220.00
Lodgement of real property mortgages3 220.00
1Disbursement payable to Land Victoria is additional
2Disbursement payable to PEXA is additional
3Searches (if applicable) are additional

Estate planning

Wills 660.00-1,000.00
Testamentary trusts 990.00-4,400.00
Powers of Attorney – any type 440.00

Financing, loans and securities

Commercial loan agreements 770.00
Division 7A loan agreements 132.00
Limited recourse loan agreement 880.00
Loans for unpaid present entitlement 660.00
Loan modification deeds (to comply with PCG 2016/5) 770.00
Sub-trust (loan for unpaid present entitlement) loan agreements 770.00
Vendor finance 880.00
Finance lease agreements 880.00
Hire purchase agreements 880.00
Deeds of subordination 440.00
General security agreements 880.00
Mortgages over real property (land) – form only 220.00
Mortgages over real property (land) – form and documentation 880.00
PPSR registration2 110.00
Lodgement of docs with Land Victoria  66.00
Loan agreement, general security agreement and PPSR registration (usually $1,650.00) 990.00
 1Disbursement payable to Land Victoria is additional

Not for Profit Services

Drafting of constitution Hourly rate
Drafting of rules Hourly rate
ABN application 231.00
ACNC charity application 330.00
Deductible gift recipient applications – if merely an adjunct to the ACNC application 132.00
Deductible gift recipient applications – for cultural organisations, environmental organisations, harm prevention charities and overseas aid funds 550.00

Option Plans

 Advice and implementation 770.00
 Issue of options Hourly rate

Superannuation services

Changes to existing superannuation funds
Admission of a member – one member 77.00
Admission of a member – subsequent members (each) 11.00
Change of fund name 286.00
Change of trustee 319.00
Change of trustee and deed update 528.00
Conveyancing on change of trustee (see Conveyancing Services)
Deed updates1 297.00
Lodgement of stamped transfer at Land Victoria (see Conveyancing Services)3
Vesting (winding up) of a superannuation fund 275.00
Withdrawal of a member – one member 44.00
Withdrawal of a member – subsequent members (each) 11.00
Borrowing arrangements
Establishment of bare trust (stand alone)- includes bare trust deed, minutes of SMSF, minutes of custodian, statutory declaration (stamp duty) and stamping of bare trust deed2 990.00
Limited recourse loan agreement (stand alone, compliant with PCG 2016/5) 880.00
Loan modification deeds (to comply with PCG 2016/5) 660.00
Mortgage over property3 & 4 880.00
Package of bare trust establishment, loan agreement and mortgage3 1,540.00
Transfer of title when bare trust winds up3 & 4 660.00
Reprint of bare trust deed when for subsequent property acquisitions 330.00
Lodge bare trust with State Revenue Office2 220.00
Product disclosure statements
Short – for Castle deeds only 110.00
Long – for Castle deeds only 220.00
Pension kits
Account based pensions 660.00
Transition to retirement income streams 660.00
Trust arrangements
Declaration of trust 110.00
Acknowledgement of trust 110.00
1Bulk rates available
2Disbursement possibly payable to State Revenue Office
3Disbursement payable to Land Victoria is additional
4Disbursement payable to PEXA is additional

Trust services

Deeds of variation
Change of appointed and / or guardian 319.00
Change of beneficiaries (in discretionary trust) 330.00
Change of trust name 286.00
Change of trustee 319.00
Change of vesting date 319.00
Conferral of additional powers on trustee 319.00
Deed review with written report 550.00
Variation of deed to define income and permit income streaming 880.00
Variation of deed to define income, permit income streaming and introduce an appointed succession plan 1,100.00
Variation of deed to exclude foreign beneficiaries from Castle deeds 330.00
Variation of deed to exclude foreign beneficiaries from other suppliers 550.00
Other services
Appointment of custodian trustee 220.00
Declaration of trust (basic) 220.00
Deed of forgiveness 330.00
Deed of gift 330.00
Deed of ratification or confirmation 330.00
Deed of rectification 330.00
Deed of relinquishment 330.00
Deed of renunciation 330.00
Distribution minutes 110.00
Winding up of trusts
Vesting (winding up) of a bare trust 231.00
Vesting (winding up) of a discretionary trust for Castle Deeds 165.00
 for other suppliers 264.00
Vesting (winding up) of a unit trust 286.00

Hourly rates

Tony Rabar Principal 550.00
Jennifer Hamley Consultant 385.00
Paul Davidson Lawyer 330.00
David Hamley Paralegal 275.00
Jayne Shaw-Smith Paralegal 220.00

All fees shown throughout this Price List are inclusive of GST and do not include stamp duty or disbursements

Payment details

You can view our payment methods here.


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