The Return of Power

We are very relieved and pleased to let you know that the power in our office has now been restored.   The emails you have sent will be addressed as quickly as possible and our normal service levels will return … Continued

Urgent Message: Update

Now that we have heard from the electrician who is working at our office, the position is much worse than previously understood.  At this stage, it is not likely that power will be restored before 2 pm tomorrow afternoon.  If … Continued

Urgent Message

There was a water leak in our building yesterday afternoon which has affected our ability to function normally.  We have lost power and, therefore, our computers are not functional.  This means we cannot read your emails or respond to them. … Continued

Lockdown Procedures

The impending lockdown is absolutely essential to suppress or, hopefully, eliminate the presence of Covid-19 in our community.  Whilst many of us will not be looking forward to the lockdown period and its impact on our financial situation, we should … Continued

Change of Heart by State Revenue Office

Duty surcharges for foreign purchasers  What are the rules? The Duties Act 1958 (Vic) was changed on 1st July, 2015 in response to the overheated property market and political requirements to dampen the growth of housing prices.  The effect of … Continued

Which states require stamp duty on trust deeds?

Stamp duty is a tax imposed by certain states on documents or transactions that affect or record: the transfer of the ownership of assets (eg land, cars), or the creation of rights in respect of assets (eg certain leases and … Continued

Included/Excluded Trust Deals

The exclusion of foreign beneficiaries from trusts   What is “residential property”? The definition of “residential property” varies between the states but, broadly, it includes:- residential apartments and houses, and property capable of being used for residential purposes.   How … Continued

Large Proprietary Companies – Redefined

A large proprietary company is under a statutory obligation to lodge its audited accounts with ASIC annually.  As from 1st July, 2019, the thresholds which determine whether a proprietary company is classed as small or large have moved upwards. In … Continued

New Labour Hire Regulations

Significant legal changes have taken place – will you be affected? We have heard a lot in recent years about the underpayment and unacceptable conditions forced on vulnerable workers by unscrupulous employers.  As from 1st November 2019, new laws are … Continued